Feb 27, 2013

Potato Chips vs French Fries

I'm soooo excited and I just can't hide it(pun intended).The reason for my excitement is March 7 will make two months since I started working out.I was going to wait until march 7to post ,but knowing me I had to blog something down.
Ok, this post isn't totally about my two month journey into my exercise.Oh wait a minute I have something to add.I added another block to my exercise regimen so I'm walking,I'm guessing it's eight or nine blocks.All I know is, that I'm walking from one main busy street to another busy street.I add a block every week to challenge me in my walking exercise.Hopefully by the summer or even before, I can make it to the park.
Back to the reason for this post,I just challenged my self to try in making some Po*tato chips,Yes I capitalize the p to emphazies  on  how I would say it ,if i was reading it.Anyway,it was my first time in trying to make some potato chips, and my second time trying to make french fries.Let me tell YOU, they turn out crunchy,but a bit brown,not all of them, but some.Once I got the hang of how to cook them you definitely have to have them thinly slice,or they would be just potato wedges like some of my fries turn out,but that's a different story.lol!  
But, one thing I learn is,you have to have the oil piping hot,and drop the thinly slice of potato in and get them out like a minute after you put them in,and viola you have perfect crisp potato chips. If I would say I had con about doing the whole thing it would be, learning how to slice a thin potato,and I needed a lot of paper towls,in which I was out of.Now, about my fries I cut some that actually look like a french fry,and also some that look like a potato wedge as well.Either way it goes I'm eating them.If their was con about making the fries I would say,I need to learn how to cut  some fries to look like an actual fry,and the oil need to be piping hot as well. The pros's about the potato chips,and fries making was, it was  fun doing it and I would do it again knowing what I  needs to be done in order to make  some  french fries and potato chips.
Last night  I made  some bake chicken with yellow,green,red peppers,and onions,home made mash potato you talk about goooood,and corn on the side.the whole dinner was good.I'm saving the chicken stock just in case I want to use it for my rice or a recipe that calls for it.
On another note,I washed my hair last night and I must say it really growning ,but definitely at a slower pace.My hair is still doing some shedding,but not  a lot.I'm going to expect some shedding with my hair, if read some of my  other blog post you know what I'm talking about.But, I definitely can see that it's growing,it's not growing like it was when I was in high school but nonetheless it's growing.I like braiding my hair up,and when I take it down it seem so much straighter,I mean after I pick the curls out from it being braided up for a long time.
Now why am I blogging about my so call daily nuggets sort of speak,again if you read one of my blog post  I don't have a good camera I mean I have  a camera on my computer but it would look kind of funny me caring it around to vlog about my weight loss journey.just kidding I had to throw that in their.so I'm blogging instead.

I had to throw this video in just for  laughs. enjoy!

               Until next time.

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