Jun 29, 2013



As of June 30,2013 July 1,2013 Google reader  is no longer going to be.What ever blog you are flowing you will no longer see in Google reader.So,to view My blogs they will appear in Bloglovin also you can follow my blogs at blog catalog,or Book blogs if all else fails you can read my blogs individually.

I love for you to follow all three blogs,but if you not sure,you can go to Bloglovin and follow me there.It's a great site,although I must admit when I was starting all three of my blogs I was signing up to every site their was to get my blog out there.Here is the link  to bloglovin,and my blogs on it,http://bloglovin.com/faellis.

So sorry for the inconvenience,but this is Google doing,I hope you will continue to follow me, if not, please take care.

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May 18, 2013

Mom Accused of Attacking Daughter's Bully - Local News - Philadelphia, PA | NBC News

I always talk about how  the person that's being bullied to keep their confidence up.But I surely don't agree with this article of  this mother going and hurting another child.In my personal opinion I would of requested a meeting with the parent of the child  who's was bullying the other.Because the lady that attack the other child left it open for the other parent,to say my child doesn't bully no one.How do you know what you child do,when you're not around.And not saying that all kids/teens don't listen to their parents,but I feel they act differently when their parent isn't around. Read this article for more details of what I'm talking.Mom Accused of Attacking Daughter's Bully - Local News - Philadelphia, PA | NBC News
I can partially understand this mother wanted to protect or solve the problem of her child being bullied ,but hurting/attacking a child/teen isn't the answer,in my humble opinion.I don't have any kids,but I will admit if my child/teen was being bullied I would be angry as well.But, it would never enter in my mind to harm another child/teen the same age as my own. I don't why I feel so strong for kids,teens,adult that's being bullied.I mean I was talk about from my preteen/teen about my leg being shorter than the other,but not to to the point of physical contact.I just dealt with it the best way I know how,and these kids,teens,adult today are using suicide as a way out of being bullied,and in my eye it's unacceptable to me.

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Apr 11, 2013

National Enquirer Heirs Feud Over Family Fortune

Where is the Enquirer when you need it.Oops! that's right the founder of the Enquirer is fighting over some money,I wonder why this didn't hit the tabloid circuit. Anyway,it's not the founder but his wife ,and the son,Lois Pope who was married to Generoso Pope who is now deceased is fighting with her son about,providing him  with money that he's demanding.This seems like the Enquirer should be all over this story,but they personally sold it in 1989.
I don't blame Lois Pope,for her actions,it seems like her brat of a son is  acting like he suppose to have every thing handed to him.and, so now he's making up lies on his mother and harassing her for money that she will not give him.For more  details of this tale click the link: National Enquirer Heirs Feud Over Family Fortune - Yahoo!

Baby with French bulldog puppies: a photo gallery

Baby with French bulldog puppies: a photo gallery You have look through these pics,they are soooo adorable.

'The Cosby Show': Where Are They Now? | Photo Gallery - Yahoo! TV

'The Cosby Show': Where Are They Now? | Photo Gallery - Yahoo! TV I love this show! I can watch the reruns over and over again.

Mar 4, 2013

Working out & Eating healthy

I up the anti sort a speak,I added an extra two blocks for my walking exercise it's no biggy,but boy was I tired.I added these two blocks to really challenge my walking exercise,now the real challenge would be if I can do this every day and work out at home afterwards.The two blocks got me sweating and little bit tired fom it.But another reason  why I added two blocks is, Iwant to see if I can  do it,and I felt  my body got use to walking those blocks,even though I just added a block a week ago  and I said I would added a block every week,in which I didIt just I want a bit of achallenge.I think I going to  walk my regular blocks plus the two extra ones for two weeks,so my body can get use to doing it.By the way those blocks that I added on,are some long a*s blocks,but I up for the challenge.I'm guessing at this,I think it's eleven blocks that I'm walking,now.I'm not for sure I always start off trying to counting the blocks to be sure how many it is  i'm walking so I can be exact,but I get my momentum going  and forget about counting,and I just concentate on my breathing while walking,eventually I will get the exact blocks I walk some day.
On another note I going to be making some homemade pancakes this morning after I do my workout exercise.I didn't get  to do my veggie burgers Friday,I was just to out of it,and fustrated  from that day.Every time I go out to take care of some business there is always some thing.Like I said in my othe blog ,and I say it again,you  have to be idiot not to know when some one is talking about you/me.I'm going to leave it at that,and I won't eloborate on what I mean by it.I was so fustrated that I tried to blog  about,but I couldn't.
Anyway, nothing new with my exercise other than I added two blocks,and that March 7,will make two months since I started my exercise routine.Also,I'm doing a lot of reseaching on veganismI mean I trying to incorparate in my eating life style.I'm not totaly giving up the way I'm eating even though it's going   to be healthy way  of doing so.It just  I want to see or try what eaing vegan is all about.I like looking up or researching (f you want to call that)on different foods.I'm also sticking to eating just turkey,chicken,fish......I want see how long I can stick to that type of meat catagory.

I suppose been working on my short story  Manuscript/book project,I just froze up,and got nervous with doing so.I'm going to do it......I just got get over the nervousness part ,and just do it(pun intended).


 Until next time,

Feb 27, 2013

Potato Chips vs French Fries

I'm soooo excited and I just can't hide it(pun intended).The reason for my excitement is March 7 will make two months since I started working out.I was going to wait until march 7to post ,but knowing me I had to blog something down.
Ok, this post isn't totally about my two month journey into my exercise.Oh wait a minute I have something to add.I added another block to my exercise regimen so I'm walking,I'm guessing it's eight or nine blocks.All I know is, that I'm walking from one main busy street to another busy street.I add a block every week to challenge me in my walking exercise.Hopefully by the summer or even before, I can make it to the park.
Back to the reason for this post,I just challenged my self to try in making some Po*tato chips,Yes I capitalize the p to emphazies  on  how I would say it ,if i was reading it.Anyway,it was my first time in trying to make some potato chips, and my second time trying to make french fries.Let me tell YOU, they turn out crunchy,but a bit brown,not all of them, but some.Once I got the hang of how to cook them you definitely have to have them thinly slice,or they would be just potato wedges like some of my fries turn out,but that's a different story.lol!  
But, one thing I learn is,you have to have the oil piping hot,and drop the thinly slice of potato in and get them out like a minute after you put them in,and viola you have perfect crisp potato chips. If I would say I had con about doing the whole thing it would be, learning how to slice a thin potato,and I needed a lot of paper towls,in which I was out of.Now, about my fries I cut some that actually look like a french fry,and also some that look like a potato wedge as well.Either way it goes I'm eating them.If their was con about making the fries I would say,I need to learn how to cut  some fries to look like an actual fry,and the oil need to be piping hot as well. The pros's about the potato chips,and fries making was, it was  fun doing it and I would do it again knowing what I  needs to be done in order to make  some  french fries and potato chips.
Last night  I made  some bake chicken with yellow,green,red peppers,and onions,home made mash potato you talk about goooood,and corn on the side.the whole dinner was good.I'm saving the chicken stock just in case I want to use it for my rice or a recipe that calls for it.
On another note,I washed my hair last night and I must say it really growning ,but definitely at a slower pace.My hair is still doing some shedding,but not  a lot.I'm going to expect some shedding with my hair, if read some of my  other blog post you know what I'm talking about.But, I definitely can see that it's growing,it's not growing like it was when I was in high school but nonetheless it's growing.I like braiding my hair up,and when I take it down it seem so much straighter,I mean after I pick the curls out from it being braided up for a long time.
Now why am I blogging about my so call daily nuggets sort of speak,again if you read one of my blog post  I don't have a good camera I mean I have  a camera on my computer but it would look kind of funny me caring it around to vlog about my weight loss journey.just kidding I had to throw that in their.so I'm blogging instead.

I had to throw this video in just for  laughs. enjoy!

               Until next time.