Mar 7, 2011


I'm writing you this letter because there is no other way to explain it.But I'm breaking up with you. We had a good ten years together but I need something from this realationship.You go to work and you come home and head straight to the refrigerator and get a beer and you plop down in the recliner to

watch sports center with out even a hello.Are two kids are now teenagers and I still haven't

recieve a commitment from you.What happened to the days long ago when we first met we couldn't

keep are hands off one another.We were inseparable everyone would always say you are a match made

in heaven.

I long for those days to come back when we were acting like high school teenagers when we would

have long and meaningful conversation on the phone,And I always love how you look at me when you speak so truthfully to me.I miss the the way you hold and carress the side of my face when we were engaging in a conversation,That some times would lead us to making love.Oh!! how I long for that to happen again.Do you remember where you first took me for are first date?I do it was Mc D's.I didn't care I was so excited about being with could brought cheese and crackers for all I care thats how much I wanted to be with you.

Two years into are relation with the birth of are son we were still in love with one another.even though we weren't living together you were working hard for us to get a knew home for me and are son.You wanted are nosy parents out of are business so you took on a double shift to safe up some money for our place.And you did it. Iwas sooo proud of my man my strong independent man who work his as off for me and his child.Do you know how that made me feel,you made me feel like your queen and you want me and your son to have a castle to live in.I will have that memory inbedded in mind forever.

Three months after are son was born we move in to are new place it wasn't much,but this house became our home I made sure of it,and we were still acting like teenagers being in love for the first time.

You go to work I would have dinner prepared when you come home from work.we both deceided it was best if I stay home to care for are son. I love how you spontaneously would set up a date night for us. you have you cousin come in and watch the baby.We would go to dinner and then to the club to get are dance on,and after that we would get a hotel for a little rendezvous.Oh!! How I long for those days to come back.

Things started changing when I found out I was pregnant with our second child, you didn't seem enthusiastic about at first, but adventurely you came around.Are daughter was born 9 months to the day I announce it.She was a health 9 pounds she had to be delivered by cerean that took alot out of me.You became more distance after are daughter was born as time went on. I just chalk it up as being another mouth you had to feed,I thought you'll get over it like the time you found out I was expecting are son.But that was the least of it. I over heard you talking to one of the neighbors in how you use to go out ever weekend and just party untill the wee hours of the night.Ooooooweee I miss those days I over heard you while laughing it up with a beer with our neighbor friend.That stung a little as if me and the kids were holdng you back from doing what you wanted to do.

Seven years in to are relationship you have done a 360 dgree change to this stone cold heartless of a man.You come in from work with out even speaking and you dare the kids to make a sound around while watching t.v.We were damn near walking on egg shell to keep the peace in the house.Your demeanor

has fallen to an all time low. I try to stick it out with you because you were my man but you keep pushing me and the kids away.Even you parents and relatives tried to intervene but to no avail you wouldn't budge.I stuck it out for two more years trying to make our relationship what was left of it to work.But again my efforts has fallen on deafs ear.

So I write this letter to you to remind you of are past and how quickly it has change our future, we been threw alot together. And I will hold you in my heart forever because you are the father of my children. I bid you peace happiness as we move on with out eachother.I hope you find solace in what ever you do. As I move on in life I hope peace and happiness follow you threw yours.

Sincerely Yours,Jane Doe

(short story in form of a letter)

©2/2010 F.A.Ellis aspiring author/poet
All Rights Rserved by F.a.Ellis


Sarah Allen said...

Very cool! Best of luck with the writing :)

Sarah Allen
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Ophelia said... def. tap into the emotions
of people - a gift for understanding human

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