Jul 30, 2011


it was a Wednesday and it was hot that day every body had places to go even Tone had some where to be and Angelia and Gerald they were in there own little world and I definitely didn’t want to be a third wheel so I headed on home it was still early in the day when I got home so I turn on my favorite radio station and started to wash up the few dishes that was in the sink I was just a dance a twirling to a song that was on the radio when I drop a plate when I saw Uncle Ernie standing there watching me Uncle Ernie I didn’t know you was here he said yeah you momma let me use the shower when ever one's is gone but Kim you don’t know how to to dance I laugh oh so you know how to dance  yeah oh some that old school stuff that old school is the best there is he took me by the hand and showed me how to dance we started off dancing like one two step it was funny at first because I felt uncomfortable dance in the kitchen with my great uncle I laugh because I felt butterflies in my stomach I don't know why until he brought me in closer to him my heart  skip a beat because I felt very uneased about him doing so  I giggle because I was nerves and scared at the same time he pull me even closer to him he started rubbing my back as if that was to relax me I tried to pull away but his size and strength proven other wise I was only 5'3'' compared to his 6'1'' 300lb frame before I knowed anything else he flip me on my stomach and  reach up my skirt and snatch my panties off while he still had me by one arm with a knife in the  other before I could scream to stop

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