Jun 14, 2012


 Disclaimer: I'M NOT A DOCTOR OR A THERAPIST! I'm just sharing a little bit  about my thyroids,and  what I've learned.Also,I want to add I'm pulling bits,and pieces from different web sites to put this blog post together


Listen to your body.Boy, if that isn't a  true statement I don't know what is.I  had went to my doctor,and she recently called to tell me she wants me  to take a ACTH STIMULATION TEST. I sounded  a bit hesitant on the phone about taking such a test.Because one,I never heard of  any thing called an ACTH before,and this test has some thing  to do with your cortisol.
OK! Let me explain a little further in detail,why I'm  writing  this post.I recently went to my Endocrinologist  because I was feeling a bit bad.I have  the symptoms of  hypothyroid.Hypothyroidism is a condition of thyroid hormone when the thyroid gland fails to produce or secrete as much thyroxine as the body needs.Your thyroid is a gland that covers three sides of your throat.The hormones of the the thyroid gland helps to regulate adrenaline,epinephrine,and dopamine.For a more in depth info on your thyroid click here.
To go  even a little further back. In the mid 90's I discover that on the side of my face,and nose was peeling,and I was feeling tired and sluggish all the time,and I couldn't swallow without feeling like I had something in my throat.Also,I use to could go on a diet with ease and lose some weight,but with the symptoms I was feelingI couldn't.Back then the symptoms that I was feeling I had a hard time describing  to my doctor.Because  at that time the symptoms were new to me.To make a long story short I had to go through a whole slew of doctors  to take some test ,and  them telling me every thing was ok.I knew I was feeling bad,it was a  matter of finding out what was wrong.
Finally,I remember that my mom had told me about her thyroids ,and hers being removed.So I told  my family physician, and she  order a test and boom! I had some thing wrong with my thyroids.I was kind of  relieved,and disappointed at the same time.I knew I felt bad,but I had to take on a new challenge of dealing with my thyroids that I knew little about.I mean I knew my mother had hers removed,and yes she explain to me why the doctor remove hers,but it just  was like she was speaking to me in another language.Oh! as far as the peeling of the skin on my face and nose.It came  from very,very dry skin.

 Now that I gave a little back ground history on how I discover I had thyroid problems per se.I'm going to go back to  where I first started,well sort of. The ACTH test is a test that  to see how your adrenal gland is working.Here's in an more in depth look at what hypothyroid ,and and your adrenal gland makes a connection.Click here.
Here are some of the symptoms of:

This post is not to treat or diagnosis...  

AGAIN.....  I want to add I'm not a doctor and you should check with you doctor for any  symptoms,treatment,diagnosis .Then why write about it you might ask or maybe thinking as you read this.Well,I just simple wanted to share this a little bit a info that I learned..and I'm still learning but,I definitely do appreciate my doctors who have help me out.

After all that I wrote,and shared....all I can write next is I AM BLESSED!

Until my next next posting,

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