May 27, 2012


I can remember way back when my great grand mother use to dress me up for Sunday school for came natural for my great grand to take my brother and me to church on Sunday to listen to the preacher preach the gospel.She instill that in us as far as I can remember.I think  that's how some black family started out with their grand mothers taking them to church.It seem like a tradition in the black community.
I don't know about it now but, back then it was the only thing I knew of. Mind you I went to church every Sunday with bells on.Because if I didn't it was my butt.Lol! but, eventually I got older and rebellious and stop going to church because as a teen I wanted to make my own decision in what I  wanted to do.Now I'm adult and I remember the those beautiful times I had with my great grand who I wish was still living, God rest her soul.
She had a big part in raising me.As I think back on those rebellious years,and now as an adult thinking back when I was  teenager.I wish I wasn't so rebellious against her.She was just trying to instill God in my life.But,I do know this  now  and I will cherish her for doing so. Also part of going to church for her was going to here the choir sing the gospel.My great grand love to her the choir sing.
I can remember her now.Here 5'4" inch 90 lb frame with her church hat cock to the side.She be rocking back in fourth to the choir belting there tune of praises for the Lord. There was one particular song I remember she took a liking to. I don't know if it was the choir or the old lady sing the song.Maybe it was both! Today is Sunday and I was just think about my great grand like I always do.So I decided to dedicate a song to her.In her memory ,and to honor her  for who she was.

This song is dedicated to you, great grand.I thought I give you some old time religion for,ya.I like listen to it to because every time I hear it reminds me of you playing it,and sing along with it.
Love you momma kid.1905~1992 Oh! that was her nickname... (and that's not my granny in the video)
                        In  loving memory of my great grand I play this song for you ......

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