Apr 11, 2013

National Enquirer Heirs Feud Over Family Fortune

Where is the Enquirer when you need it.Oops! that's right the founder of the Enquirer is fighting over some money,I wonder why this didn't hit the tabloid circuit. Anyway,it's not the founder but his wife ,and the son,Lois Pope who was married to Generoso Pope who is now deceased is fighting with her son about,providing him  with money that he's demanding.This seems like the Enquirer should be all over this story,but they personally sold it in 1989.
I don't blame Lois Pope,for her actions,it seems like her brat of a son is  acting like he suppose to have every thing handed to him.and, so now he's making up lies on his mother and harassing her for money that she will not give him.For more  details of this tale click the link: National Enquirer Heirs Feud Over Family Fortune - Yahoo!

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