Mar 4, 2013

Working out & Eating healthy

I up the anti sort a speak,I added an extra two blocks for my walking exercise it's no biggy,but boy was I tired.I added these two blocks to really challenge my walking exercise,now the real challenge would be if I can do this every day and work out at home afterwards.The two blocks got me sweating and little bit tired fom it.But another reason  why I added two blocks is, Iwant to see if I can  do it,and I felt  my body got use to walking those blocks,even though I just added a block a week ago  and I said I would added a block every week,in which I didIt just I want a bit of achallenge.I think I going to  walk my regular blocks plus the two extra ones for two weeks,so my body can get use to doing it.By the way those blocks that I added on,are some long a*s blocks,but I up for the challenge.I'm guessing at this,I think it's eleven blocks that I'm walking,now.I'm not for sure I always start off trying to counting the blocks to be sure how many it is  i'm walking so I can be exact,but I get my momentum going  and forget about counting,and I just concentate on my breathing while walking,eventually I will get the exact blocks I walk some day.
On another note I going to be making some homemade pancakes this morning after I do my workout exercise.I didn't get  to do my veggie burgers Friday,I was just to out of it,and fustrated  from that day.Every time I go out to take care of some business there is always some thing.Like I said in my othe blog ,and I say it again,you  have to be idiot not to know when some one is talking about you/me.I'm going to leave it at that,and I won't eloborate on what I mean by it.I was so fustrated that I tried to blog  about,but I couldn't.
Anyway, nothing new with my exercise other than I added two blocks,and that March 7,will make two months since I started my exercise routine.Also,I'm doing a lot of reseaching on veganismI mean I trying to incorparate in my eating life style.I'm not totaly giving up the way I'm eating even though it's going   to be healthy way  of doing so.It just  I want to see or try what eaing vegan is all about.I like looking up or researching (f you want to call that)on different foods.I'm also sticking to eating just turkey,chicken,fish......I want see how long I can stick to that type of meat catagory.

I suppose been working on my short story  Manuscript/book project,I just froze up,and got nervous with doing so.I'm going to do it......I just got get over the nervousness part ,and just do it(pun intended).


 Until next time,

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