Feb 24, 2013

My Experiment Book


Today is Sunday so it's off day for exercising,but their is some thing new to talk about..well, it's not new.But anyway, their is more to me than trying to keep track of my exercise routine,by blogging it down.I've started an experiment book,what I mean by experiment book is a short story book I'm writing  just to put my self out there and get a feel of having something published.Not only that I'm want some feed back from the public on how if they like it or not.So, in other words they can critique my writing,If they like or not........I not that good with editing so I know I will get couple or maybe a lot people critiquing that as well.Now,I haven't totally abandon my book Psycho Bitch ...it just I want to  put a book out.
The book....I mean manuscript is about two twin boys who grew up differently and one being jealous of the others life. they know about each other,but was raised in a different enviorment.I know,It's typical but really it's not.I just started on this short story book/manuscript and I been wanting to write this story down for a long time.I've look up what is consider to be a short story for a book,and I saw 7500 for it to be a short story,but I remember reading a book that was a short story and was surprise that it was only 4000 words only,and I might add that it was a good read,to.The book will be available only on ereaders ,for now.Like I said this is an experiment book or books who knows....but I want to put one out to see how it goes.
The process  I'm looking for to, like I said this story I been wanting to put on paper for awhile to be  exact,I say about a year or  so,I just didn't want to write nothing else until I finish my other manuscript.I have stories I want to write down,and don't because I feel I'm abandoning the other one.I end up just thinking it's to immature to start writing on another story when I haven't finished the one I've started.Anyway,I found a couple of sites that you can publish your manuscripts for free.So I'm going to take advantage of this by  doing a short story,and just putting it out there.I'm kind of excited about it,but scared and aware of what's to follow or not.....but anyway it goes,I can say I published a book.
On another note I made some spaghetti the other day and it was, good! I made it with whole wheat pasta,and lean ground turkey.I used olive oil so the turkey meat wouldn't dry out,I add celery,onions,yellow, green, and red peppers to the meat and finish off with some tomato sauce.It was delicious! I'm having that with some fish tonight so left overs it is for me.I won't be watching the Oscars tonight,I'm not into watching shows like that.I'm more into what,and who was wearing what and how they look more than any thing.
But yeah,  possibly a book....I might have out  with in this year. My fingers are crossed.....

               Until next time,

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