Feb 11, 2012


Today is a sad because I just found out that the world has lost oneof its beloved singer,Whitney Houston.I was sitting at my desking watching a movie on my computer when I came across the news to say the least i was shockabout the news,and I'm still in shock.Some part of me doesn't want to believe that the person I grew upo hearing is gone.I remember hear her voice,and seeing her videos,and I would idolize her,as if I was gher in the videos.I'm still kind reeling over her passing ...because some how i thought that she would make a come  back.
Ya,see her life has been riddle with drug abuse,and a failed marriage.The drug had taken a toll on her body,and her famous voice.Not to mention the public scrutuiny of  her marriage to Bobby Brown.Later she divorce Bobby Brown,and was rummored to have gotten clean up, from using drugs.Any goods I heard about Whitney Houston I was mentally cheering her on,waiting for her to come w\ith an album of I told you so,and any bad news that was report about her I  would chalk it up to a set back or the media is lying.
Sadly There will be no I told you so album at this point in time there is no news of cause of death.I'm so disheasrten byher death because her voice will be silence for ever,but on the other hand I think she's at peace in a way becausse what ever demons that was hunting her,are silenced as well,and her body,mind,and sprit are at peace.
Rest in peace Whitney Houston I hope you're at peace now,you maybe gone,but you're definitely not  forgotten.I will always remember you ,and your voice ,and how you would hit a note ,and carry a tune.


Gone,but not forgotten you will live on for ever in are hearts,especially mines...

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