May 28, 2012


Are we as people or race  can we  make assumption about people  you don't know,and also can people be nosy and don't know it?I mean it's in are nature  to want know something.But wanting to  know and being nosy  is entirely two different things.Plus,if you assume something about some one with out asking,isn't that just the same as a lie?
I'll use myself for example for instance if I'm  out an about taking care of my business,and I see people socializing on the streets,and on there phones or just going about their business,and I happen to walk by them, now am I being nosy or are  these people assuming that I am?
OK!Here's another example  I'm still out  an about still taking care of my  business and I either get a call or make one on my cell phone,Do people assume I'm talking or telling on them,and isn't that  being nosy,and a little paranoid?
I have another example I have so many,but anyway I'm still out and about taking care  of  business,and I see some people on there cell  phone  laughing it up  or  people bustling about enjoy their convo with others.Again, I walk by them do they assume that I THINK there talking about me?
I thinks this has been goingon since the beginning of time,and it's still going today.Me personally I don't assume any thing about  no one without asking them first.
Because assuming something about some  one  to ME is  just like lying about them,and we all know how some people will believe  a lie before they believe the truth.Especially if enough people spread it,and being nosy is even worse in my opinion to me.Because you are invading some ones privacy and not give a damn about it.
 I live my life according to how I see fit,and living it day by day without assuming things about  people  I come across isn't my cup of tea.That just would be nosy...hmm mm?!? 

So many question,with easy answers to them...... 

My next blogging should be about camera phones,and unauthorized photo taking,video taking, defamation of character, and slander.......Not all as  one  blog posting of course.....

Some great,and interesting topics....

             Until my next post,

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