Mar 7, 2011


what are the posibilities that people can figuire out who your talking about by reading in between the lines?...Hmmm..Whether your talking about them inndirect,or Making assuptions,and inuendos or posting to a social site about them.There smart of enough to figuire it out, and read in between the lines.but they choose not to address the topic at hand because they have there eyes on the prize sorta speak,and don't want to get involve in pettiless asummtions,and inuendos.Those type of people are so goal oriented that there main focus is in achieving what there working for that they'll take the judging,assumptions,inuendos,the rumors,lies,gossip(Picture & video taking) thats thrown in there path daily to get to there destination whether it be a social site or a rank stranger talking about them.

Now reading from that paragraph above I'm thinking you're going to assume that those people think there the shit that there better than whom ever( also in the way they walk), and that they don't pass judgment on anyone... WRONG! its like Catch 22 damn if you do or damn if you don't type of situation.....Hmmm .... Are you reading in between the lines,are you getting what I'm saying.... or is this just plain old useless babbling rhetoric.

Ok lets switch it up a bit lets turrn the table ..ummmm...lets see the people doing all the asumming,judging,starting the rumors,lies,and gossip lets shine the spotlight on them,and see how it feels.The bold ones will say I have nothing to hide ( a lie there the main ones)or on the the other hand you'll get the people asking why are you delving into my bussiness,what busssines is of yours to put me on blast(talking about them) to ever body. Are you reading in btween the... nevermind.......Ok let me give you a little scenerio that happened to me a couple of days ago I wish this person a happy new year.He/she inbox me and ask me what college did I go to.....I responded back by saying and your reasoning for asking is......Then he/she response was you know don't you.....Now I didn't respond back in time so then he/she ask a rather insulting question( at least to me it was) are you what I think you are? Docka?(hair testicals)

So my reply was To this person was my exact words were: well,well first off happy new years to ya,Then I said I WAS going to play devils advocate ask what do you think,but I'm guessing you know the answer to you're question. Then I went on to say I don't see why you're insulting me all I did was wish you happy new year.Needless to say the person said I don't know how you arrive at that point,I thought you were someone else........Ummmm... Yeah right! Are you reading between the lines, Or am I lying, making assumptions,starting a rumor,or gossiping?.....Hmmmmm.....

Only the person or persons thats reading it can find the truth in what I'm saying, or maybe not because you choose not to believe it,instead its best to follow the mass of lies rumors,gossip,assumptions,and innuedos so you won't stand out from the other people. Now that sceniro I read a post on a status(oops! look at me being nosy) I'm mean on a social site.whew! I'm gald I caught myself. Anyway, There status Had refer to the situation that I was talking about. let me give you a hint as to how I know. I recently drop this person because I'm not bringing in the new year on some negative shit.Up behold He/she status ... now i'm not quoting them word for word but to some it up they new I drop this person and and Block this person. Then they want to give advice on some ones personality and what they should do. Did I just read between the lines or am I just assumming it? Or are they falling into play along with the mass of people(thats started on the internet) who believe whole lot of Lies Rumors,Gossip,assumptions,and innuedos....I can give you so many scenrios about lies,gossip,Rumors assumtpions, innuendos that I have scene personally,but I won't speak of it because I don't want add fuel to it .I mean its going to happen no matter what.So I stay silent and thrive on trying to better myself (well not better but to improve)and achieve my goals.

To sum it all up the people thats doing all the talking don't really have nothing to say unless there with a group of people or hidding behind ther key board spreading it on the internet,because they rather be important with the lies,rumors,gossip,asumptions,innuendos that make them feel important..than stand out with the truth.

Now am I reading in between the lines ,and am I making asumption,or innuendos that people are truly like that...humph!..your guess is good as mines.

Whew! I love my writing courses! Now read in between those lines....

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