Mar 7, 2011

PSYCHO BITCH(excerpt from my manuscript)

So Miss Mitchell how was work today?

Do you really want to hear How my day at work was?Because I can break it down for you if ya want.

Was it that bad?

Bad doesn't begin to describe it;how about about stressful.Its always stressful working in the Mayors Office.Especially planning the cities event,and registering people for there spot for their picnic in the city parks or for there family reunions.People come in at he last minute to register for a permit,and it seems as if everbody was thinking the same thing when coming to register.I mean dang you know summer is coming up why didn't you register ahead of time.He sat there with his fingers folded,and with a big smile on his face as if he was enjoying what I was saying.I stopped,because I didn't want him to think I was all talk.

Don't stop,I always wanted to know what was going on in there.

So what do you do in the Mayors building?

I work for Crandle Law Firm I'm sure you heard of them,But I'm sure its not as nearly as busy as the Mayor's Office.I mean we get unruly clients thats about it,but its nothing compare to the people that come threw your office.What I do is some thing like what you do,but a little different I register clients files on the computer for the lawyers.

Oh!So you're a lawyer?

No I'm there assistant what ever they want,and need I'm there to get it.I look up from the menu,and Started laughing at what he had said,but he wasn't laughing.

Oh! you're serious,your there assistant?Well a job is a job I don't care were you work as long as you getting paid for it.I tried to ease the conversation a bit since he took his job so seriously.

So have you decided what you want to eat?

I kind of do,but I'm not for sure if its between the bake Salmon or the Lamb.

What are you having?

The steak medium and rare with cous cous.

UGH! I shrug at the thought of him saying medium,and rare I definitely don't want to see no have cook meat across from me.

I see you've already decided on what you want.

Yeah!I come here all the time,well not all the time only when I'm in the neighborhood I stop in to have me a steak.I think Luigi's has the best steak and salad you every wanted to taste.



Ok then,I'll have the Salmon Entree he summon the waiter,and told him our order.The waiter took are menus,and said it should be about 30 to 40 minutes for your dinner.We both said ok.

So kimberly what do a pretty woman like you do besides work in the Mayor's Office,I mean you just don't go to work,and come home do you?

Hell naw!I said it before I knew it I meant no.I do have a life ouside the Mayors'office.

Well I only see you when your in the building,and besides this is our our first encounter out side of meeting you at the elevator,or on each others floor.we either going to or from a meeting well at least thats what I'm doing.I chime in,and said me two knowing I wasn't doing those things.He just sounded so serious about his work.Well since you're interested to know what I do besides work in the Mayor's Office.I have a membership at a gym I gots to keep my body in tip top shape.

Ummm....hmmm he said that with the a smile on his face.

Also since I help plan some of the events for the city I go to a couple of them,but the ones I only find interesting.

Which one interested you the most?

Well I like the Jazz Festival it has a great atmosphere about it when your there,and I also attend some other events that we plan for the summer.

Like what?

The Taste Of Chicago I go every summer when I get a chance.I know you attend it as well it just like the summer thing to do.

To be honest with you I don''t like a lot of crowds,but I have been.


thats not to say I won't go.

well me and,my best frirend we try to get together to do some out door activites like go to the beach,or go to the the carnival, farmers market,or if the mood is right a little clubbing.If anything else we like to sit in her backyard an do a nice barbcue,but we do that every so often since she got married and has a family.I was just about to say something else when I heard this ominous familiar laugh.I froze because the sound of the voice keep laughing,and saying you think you going to get rid of me that easily.NOT A CHANCE!!!

My whole body clench up,because I haven't heard that voice in a long time.Uncle Ernie's voice will be a stain on my memory forever.I will never forget the way his laugh sounds.The sound of his laughter made me terrified to turn around.

Are you ok,you look like you seen a ghost whats the matter?

Ummm.....nothing I thought I heard a familiar voice that I knew.

Well you flenching up like that person must be an enemy!?!

Can you tell me who is sitting directly behind us?

Its an older couple,why?

The male voice continue to keep laughing,I flenched at the sound of him laughing.

Are you sure you alright,do you want to go some place else.

No,I'm fine.

You don't look fine.

You think your going to get away with this the voice keep saying.I slowly turn around to see if it was Uncle Ernie doing all that laughing,and speaking to me.As I look around I could see him sitting over there with a cigar in his mouth just laughin at me.I had to look at the older man again to see if it was really my Uncle Ernie.The fact is that I got away with his muder,and no one knows until this day that I kill him.

©2010 F.a.Elllis aspiring author/poet
All Rights Reserved by F.a.Ellis

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