Jun 29, 2013



As of June 30,2013 July 1,2013 Google reader  is no longer going to be.What ever blog you are flowing you will no longer see in Google reader.So,to view My blogs they will appear in Bloglovin also you can follow my blogs at blog catalog,or Book blogs if all else fails you can read my blogs individually.

I love for you to follow all three blogs,but if you not sure,you can go to Bloglovin and follow me there.It's a great site,although I must admit when I was starting all three of my blogs I was signing up to every site their was to get my blog out there.Here is the link  to bloglovin,and my blogs on it,http://bloglovin.com/faellis.

So sorry for the inconvenience,but this is Google doing,I hope you will continue to follow me, if not, please take care.

                                               Until next time,

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