Jun 16, 2012


  How safe is your conversation? What I mean is like who you talk to  will it be a topic of discussion amongst other people or does it depend on the  topic of discussion?Maybe.I'm gonna give some scenarios to explain where I coming from. A couple of days ago I wrote a blog post about my Thyroids,and I so happen to mention I had a conversation with my Endo doctor.Does patient confidentiality work in that conversation?I mean she did call me during the evening hours or does that matter? font="arial" href="" show_faces="true" width="450">Does the conversation that I had with her, should it be between me and her or do she have a right to share it with  a coworker, secretary  or  a different doctor that's in a different field, or even the public!....Let me give you  another  scenario. I was having conversation with  a customer representative  of the  gas company and I  so happened to give her my old cell number(by mistake) over the phone. Does she have the right to share what I said to her to  a co worker or to the public?I think patient confindentaility not only applies to the medical field (meaning, being confidential)It also applies to professional business, as well.At least I think.
The reason why I'm writing this post because  because there have  been entirely to many coincidents where it makes you, go,hm mm? I've been doing a lot of hm mm.... for awhile now.I hope that the people of professionalism whether it be a doctor,nurse,customer service representive, of ANY company (I know there are  many more to add to this list,but I can't think of them at the moment)I would hope they would keep what you say to  themselves  as just a confidential conversation,for the company ,medical field, or ANY business  they represent.
Lets go  back to one of the scenarios that I mentioned........Case in point.The conversation that I had with the customer service representative about giving my old cell number and I was out and about just taking care of business when,the topic came up about my cell number.Not in the same text as the convo as with the customer representative,but it was rephrase another way. I been ask more than twice what my cell number is.Once going to an appointment,and another incident was over the phone,when I was ask once about my old HOME number and was ask was I sure, in person and on the phone. the person I was speaking with mention  that they tried my old number,but knowing I had given my current cell number and the killer part about this is, they  called me on my  current number that I had given.
How about you enter a business of any sort whether it be clothing store ,grocery store, shoe store,bank, ANY business that's dealing with the public or personally,DO they have  the  right to tell another what you talk or shared with them to some one else? The conversation  doesn't have to be a secretive one, whether  on the phone or in there place of business,but where does confidentiality lie?
Now with these  scenarios I've shared, does that constitute ME sharing the convos that I've mention?I think not!Because remember I said scenarios,or are they?
It's funny when people know something about another they  often give off  hints,details or clues about you (meaning whoever) that lets you know either what you shared,talk about,mentioned whether in person or on the phone has been exposed.
Again,I'm  going to write,it's not that what you say is so secretive or anything it's just I would think by them representing the company or ANY place of business that they work for would show you(Meaning who ever)some common courtesy, and the right to privacy.

OH!On my other blog post I had discuss  the issues having thyroids,and the symptoms of having  it.I fail to mention it's treatable you can'tcatch it by sitting next to any one,and you can live with it if it's control with help of the doctors.

My next blog post or not  will be about meaningless conversation.Example: When I'm out in about,and some times I like to strike up a convo just to be friendly.Whether in a grocery  store, shoe store, or a cab ride  home.Where does  a meaningless conversation  or made story apply? hm mm? lol....

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