May 26, 2012


What causes a person to bully another person,and do  they consider themselves as being a bully?You hear  in the news and read it in news paper about a child committed suicide,because of being bullied.Well,that was the case where I saw on the news where a seven year old boy took his own life  about being bullied.I'm so tired of  reading about innocent life lost because they where bullied.I know writing this is easier said than done.Just imagine what the parents of the child that took his/her life is going through.
 I tried to think  back on my own childhood  to see if I was a bully or was I receiving  the taunts from being bullied,and far as I can remember. No on both ends.I wasn't bullied but I seen kids that were,and I don't think that back then the  type of bullying I saw has change today.I mean bullying come in all shapes ,and forms.It just depends on the child,teen,and adult  takes it .Yes! I know I wrote adults but, adults get bullied too!
In my opinion as an adult you would think you would know better.But! believe me. I've constantly been on the receiving end of being bullied.You don't have to be physically tease to know when you're being bullied.There are so many other indirect methods I can describe personally that has taken place enough to know when I'm being bullied.But,I'm adult who whole heartily believes in God will make a way,and also I kind of do believe in karma as well,and this old saying what goes around comes back around.
But,to a child  teasing or should I say bullying it's like the end all be all.In others words that's there whole world as they see it.I mean there're trying to fit in with there own peers,and not try to stand out from others.This stands true not with children,and teens but with adults as well.
Look! I don't claim to be an expert or therapist,but I do know one thing I know the feeling of  being bullied...and I definitely have empathy for the child,teen,and adult who's going through it.The sad part about it   they think life isn't worth living,and to relieve the pain is by taking there life.
I wish there was a way that the spot light was shine on them(bully's) to see what there doing to hurtful,and harmful....or maybe turn the treatment back on them,and let them see how it feels.I know,two wrongs doesn't make it right,but what does,what does????

Boy! I start off with writing  about  bullying,and ended up adding a little tidbit of my own.....

I'm not a therapist,expert,or  trying write this as a self help.....

this my take on the issue....there will be more post about MY OPINION on bullying....


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