May 3, 2011


I want to start off by saying I was doing some blogging last night,and all of a sudden my blogs meaning all three was disabled.Let me tell you my heart sank to the floorI mean I didn't know what happened,and I didn't know what to do to take care of it.I had to calm down first then access the situation. What did I do if any to make this a problem?I try all avenues that I can think of to determine was it my fault,and guess what it wasn't my fault at all.Some how bloggers had disabled my accounts because they thought my blogs had illegal activity on them.I had to submit a review form to let them know I wasn't about that.Suffice to say I have all my blogs back all in tack.
 Now moving on I haven't done any walking in about two weeks I'm gonna be honest I got sooo lazy until I just didn't feel like getting up at the crack of dawn to do some walking.Well I'm in week three I had to stop all this laziness I got up this morning head out to do my walking.But! I will admit the reason why I got so lazy is because my weight is fluctuating,and it's making me mad that I can't get down to one size an stay there.I decided I wasn't going to buy any clothes until I reach a certain weight when ever that might be.It's going on two years well it will be two years in august that I'm still trying to reach my goal of losing's so fustrating because I haven't met the goal that I set out to achieve.Don't get me wrong I lost a lot of weight ,but things is the rest that I want to lose is holding on for dear life I mean... geesssh!
 I want to just shake this darn weight off,  yeah  right that only happens in a perfect world.Anyway,I guess it's kind of my fault that I keep dippin,and diving in avoiding the excercise that will help me to get to my weight lose.BUT! It's just taking SOooooo long for it to happen.I guess the old saying is right patiences is a virtue...That's one I need to work on,because miracles doesn't happen over night.

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