Apr 27, 2011


It's been awhile since I wrote anything in my blog.Well there is a reason why I haven't wrote any thing in awhile. I'm trying to look for a publisher with reasonable rates,and who won't stiff me on getting a publishing deal.So far I haven't seen any takers or any one who's willing to publish my work.So,I'm trying to promote my blogs,well just one in particular.I been trying to get this blog out in the blogosphere so I can get some followers to the  blog.I'm getting people,but at a slow rate.I know I can't snap my fingers for people to appear,but dang I been up for a couple of months,and I'm not attracting people the way I want to.
My book review blog is not much it's small in comparsing to to the other blogs that been around for quiet awhile.I know I have a lot to learn about blogging but...Gessh you would think well I would think that people would flock to read what's going on in your part of the world.Again I haven't been up in running for only about I say a couple to three months I guess it takes time to generate what other bloggers have been doing for awhile.The thing is I'm impatient about the thing I want some followers,and thier not generating like I want.
The one I'm really trying to promote is TREASURED SPOT BOOK REVIEWS I started because I enjoy reading,and what a way to share what you love to do.I start the book review blog,and two others because it's seem like it taking a life time for me to find a publisher for my manuscript,and the  self publishing world has some hidden agendas behind them as well.I mean if you don't want your manuscript  looking like crap then you have to pay some type of money in order to have great looking book.I for one want to have the best result for my manuscript. There are so many avenues to take  to get your manuscript published,but the thing is you don't want to be taken for every dime that you have just to publish a book.
So,thats why I started blogging so I can get my  manuscript out in the blogosphere sorta speak.Because there are some thrist publishers out there as well self publishers who don't care about taking you for your money.My book review blog is a blog that I express my opinion on books that I read.Plus! I give the book a rating,and post my reviews about the book,but it doesn't stop there I post to major book chains.I also try to find info,and post to my blog to help aspiring authors,writers,poets like myself.My other two blogs are a poetry blog in which I try to write some poems.When I saw try to because I"m still a newbie,and I'm trying to get the hang of writng poetry.
I'm still trying to figure out the process ,but sometimes I don't  care and I just start writing whether the words are understanding or not,I just write. My other blog is a creative & short story blog,with a hint of my personal thoughts to add. If your not figuring out by now that this is the blog I'm talking about.Then Duh! I'm kidding you have to have a little humor in the the literary,and blogging world. So, Until I get my manuscript published when ever that might be I will blog to my heart desire.

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