Jan 2, 2012


Wow! I been gone for a long long time from this blog......Well, I been trying to focus on one blog in  particular.My book review blog,and I been slacking on that one as well.I don't know what's with the procrastination or maybe it's been writers block....I doubt that.Anyway,next year I will focus my attention on all of my blogs instead of just one blog.Also I'm a try to speand less time on the the social networks,and dedicate my tiime to my writing,poetry,and review blogs.I really been slacking on these for about a year a so.
My dedication to my blogs should bring into focus of my goal of becoming a published author.I been holding off  to long of becoming a published author.It seems like a  alot talk once you keep writing,and promising something that you don't bring to frutition.
Well, I  have one  perfectly good reason, why I'm not a published author. I don't have a the funds to bring any of my ideas,or manuscripts to put the in writing or a book.SOOO, I contunue to read,and focus on trying to perfect my writing skilss or  a t least try to,until I have some type of way of  being an author.
So I will doing my ususal creative writing,short stories,my manuscripts.....and to spice my writing up I will add my personal thoughts.Not to mention Getting To Know The Real Me..... 

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